USAP TAYO SA FAMILY PLANNING WITH DOC JEEPY is a POPCOM initiative that discusses Family Planning (FP) and Sexual and Reproductive Health concerns catering to individuals and couples who would want to gain more knowledge and insights on FP methods, young adolescents to be informed and educated on reproductive health concerns, parents to be equipped with knowledge on the subject and those who are in need most of being in-the-know to FP and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive matters.

The “Usap Tayo sa Family Planning” primarily tackles information on various topics and concerns of couples, women and men who would want to plan their families through proper spacing of pregnancies or to limit their number of children according to the demands of parenthood and responsible parenting. Topics also include discussions that debunk myths and misconceptions on family planning and reproductive health matters. It is being aired once a month and aired thru the POPCOM’s official Facebook page that can be shared, downloaded and saved for future references such as for school discussions or just to gear-up casual educational conversations among families and friends on FP and reproductive health concerns.

The talk show is hosted by POPCOM’s Information Officer Mai Quiray with no less than Executive Director Undersecretary Juan Antonio Perez III, MD as its mainstay. Usec. Perez has had over 27 years of experience in public and private health sector programs in the Philippines notably in the field of reproductive health and family planning. The tandem likewise, converses with experts and competent persons who are experts on such subject matters are invited to sit in as program guests, like medical practitioners and those who can share scientific-backed ideas and experiences in the field.

POPCOM regional offices are also set to participate and share their creativity and highlight their programs and projects at the regional level by sharing photos and/or videos that show the region’s endeavor in addressing population-related concerns.

The USAP TAYO sa Family Planning with Doc Jeepy can be viewed at POPCOM’s Official Facebook page, Commission on Population and Development or may be accessed thru POPCOM IX’s Commission on Population and Development IX Facebook Page every last week of the month.