Regional Director Jeff Y. Fuentes

The year 2019 is a momentous year for the Commission on Population as an organization. Firstly, it is the year of the Commission’s 50th founding anniversary coinciding with the birth of the United Nation’s Population Fund which first head was a Filipino in the person of Rafael M. Salas. Secondly, it is the year that the Commission on Population morphs into Commission on Population and Development, emphasizing the development aspect of responsible parenthood and reproductive health program of the Commission. Thirdly, this year witnesses the intensification of the government’s poverty reduction campaign through population management and family planning. Lastly, it is the year that the Department of Health and the Commission begins to co-manage the country’s family planning drive thru various joint undertakings designed to serve the marginalized and at risk Filipino families. Through the years, the Commission on Population and Development as the primary implementer of the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP), works closely with the local government units (LGUs) to promote reproductive health information, adolescent sexuality education, and family planning services in order to ensure the achievement of demographic dividend. Local population officers, with support from community workers like barangay Population Volunteers (BPVs), and other volunteers conduct demand generation activities to provide information to clients who express desire to use modern Family Planning (FP) within the context of Informed Choice and Voluntarism (ICV). These advocates are equipped with the right materials and strategies in addressing unmet need among couples and individuals. ICV is a crucial principal that ensures that decisions are arrived at while freely exercising choice free from coercion necessary in empowering both women and men in achieving their desired family size. The achievement of every Filipino family’s well-being rests heavily on the extent and quality of reproductive health information and services provided to them.